Feb 18 2012
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Rage says I need 6047 kb more space...

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I have installed Rage many times now.  I've even replaced my hard drive to see if it would help.

I have over 100 gb of free space on the hard drive, but for some reason rage will not work. 

It gives me a message saying it is forced to quit and that it needs 6047 (i think) kb of free space.

I've tried installing demos and running it.

I've tried deleting demos and running it. 

None of the approaches I've found online seem to be working. 

Any other ideas?

thanks in advance.

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Re: Rage says I need 6047 kb more space...

Feb 18, 2012

Try the optional firmware update to 4.11 using the System Update command on the PS3. I think it was meant to correct a bug with data saved by games.

If it still occurs after the update, try going into Safe Mode and using the Restore File System comm.... Ignore the warning about corrupted data.

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Re: Rage says I need 6047 kb more space...

Oct 8, 2012

I found the answer to fix this.


1. Start the ps3 in safe mode (plenty of info online how to do this)

2. Select the "Rebuild Database" Option

3. Play game


After 5 or 6 installs, this is what worked. I was frusterated because all the threads I found about this, end without anyone saying if anything worked.


No more "not enough free space" errors. Enjoy.

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