Mar 26 2011
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RE:5 update 2.00 problems and errors!

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For the past three days everytime I try to update Resident Evil 5 I automatically get logged out of PlayStation network, the update crashes and never finishes downloading, when it does finish it always says that an error occured. Because of this problem I cannot play RE:5 online which drives me crazy because I was looking forward to playing online. I've already finished the game on easy and right now I'm playing it on veteran to unlock the Nightmare portion where you play as Chris and Jill. So...this is what happenes step by step.

1. Re:5 starts up and asks me if I want to login and make use of online things ect. I click yes. (When I skip the update and go straight to the game, I still get logged out automatically)

2. The update screens pops up and says I must have update 2.00 to continue. I click yes.

3. I start the download but it always crashes. Once, it went all the way to 100%, crashed and stated there was an error and or internet connection was severed.

So...what I don't understand is that the update for Mirror's Edge worked  problem whatsoever. Another update for Bad Company (the first game) worked just fine! I've tried unistalling the game data for RE:5 then reinstalling and trying the update again and it stil refuses to work. My internet connection is fine, I believe. After all the other games updated just fine. What to do? I want to play RE: 5 online like a mad women!

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