Mar 29 2013
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Questions about the PS4.

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Is there a price range set yet?

Will you be able to play PS3 games on the PS4?

Is there a point in getting a recording device for games now?

How much will the games cost?
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Re: Questions about the PS4.

Mar 29, 2013

The price of the PlayStation 4 has not been set yet. We're most likely to find out this information around E3 time. PlayStation 3 games are said not to be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. This includes games you've downloaded from the PlayStation Store over the course of the system's history. Bummer, huh? The PlayStation 4 features the ability to record gameplay, so it's probably doubtful a recording device will be needed. And as for how much games will cost, that hasn't been specified either. I'd imagine they'd retain their current $60 value. Any higher than that is asking for too much.

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