Sep 26 2011
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Questions about free demos - Resistance 3 and others

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Is there any way to find out which free game demos will be available for download before they are released on new download days? For example, I wanted to try out the new Resistance 3 game, but haven't seen a demo for that yet. Is there going to be one? (I noticed that there is (or was) a Resistance 3 online multiplayer beta available, but I couldn't find it on the PSN store page. Was I looking in the wrong place or was it only available to certain members? ) Also, sometimes they release a free demo weeks (or even months) after the actual game has already been released for sale. I don't understand that, but it does happen.

I'm going to rent some games out at a local video store today (today you get a game free there) and I don't want to rent out some that will be free demos (obviously), so does anyone know ahead of time what will be a free demo this Tuesday (or an upcoming Tuesday) ? Will there be a Resistance 3 demo or Deus Ex Revolution demo? What others? Please help.


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