Dec 03 2011
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Question about memory card

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What is the throughput of Sony's proprietary memory cards?  Or better yet, what class would they be in?

I'm trying to get an idea of what class they're in and thus truly see if their prices are in line with the rest of the market.  Especially if they would be considered UHS cards, then maybe the prices won't seem so bad.

Just a thought, but I haven't been able to locate this information anywhere yet.

Not all SD cards are the same (shrug).... would have been really interesting if the Vita only operated smoothly on class 10 cards or better... man people would be up in arms for that.

Not a computer expert, just speculation here.

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Re: Question about memory card

Dec 3, 2011

@QuantumPSI nobody knows. you may as well wait until December 17th when some people have imported it. by then we will know what the ps vita's memory speed is and all of that.

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