Mar 25 2011
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Qriocity demo "subscribed" me to service - PSN contact ph# to cancel?

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Automatically billed my credit card and I'm NOT happy.

I live alone, no one else uses my PS3.

It  was a 30 day free demo - it clearly said it on the installation of the  program, then billed me -I chose no options for an ongoing account.

Does  anyone know the Australia phone number to cancel the service from my  PSN account and get a refund, I don't want to call my bank to block the  transaction.

Very very VERY disapointed with these kind of slimy tactics.

(I've literally opened the stupid Qriocity package once)

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Re: Qriocity demo "subscribed" me to service - PSN contact ph# to cancel?

Mar 25, 2011

Hey the same thing happen to me.  I don't mind paying for another month but I cancelled the subscription moving forward.  You need to visit the Qriocity website and cancel the subscription which is under the services tab.

This is the page for the US.  Not sure if it will work for you:;jsessionid=E677B0F4A6CE8ED325CD2F6819AD5206.sdknav-t31-220...

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Re: Qriocity demo "subscribed" me to service - PSN contact ph# to cancel?

Mar 26, 2011

If you read the terms of service for the demo, I expect that you will find that you agreed to start paying for the service after the 30 day free trial; unless you cancelled the service before the trial ended.  As you did not do so, Sony billed you for the first month of service. I've never been to Australia, but I know enough about it to know that the fact that you chose not to read a contract before agreeing to the terms, doesn't mean that you are not subject to those terms.  You should be able to cancel your subscription to Qirocity in PSN Account Management. Just look for it under Services. That will prevent further billings.  As for a refund, it is Sony's policy to not give those under any circumstances, but you don't lose anything by asking. Don't dispute the charges with your bank. That will get your PSN account automatically, and permanently, banned.

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