Jun 14 2013
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Ps4 games speculation

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during the conference they said they have 20 1st party games coming out in first 12 months, they announced like 5 so far, so looking to see if can get a full list with educated guesses about whats to come.

here are all the 1st party developers (that IGN is aware of in 2012 so some may of changed or be new)


EVOLUTION GAMES (makes motostorm)


Guerrila Games (makes Killzone) Making Killzone 4


Media Molecule (LBP) That AWESOME tech demo


Naughty Dog (makes Uncharted) don't they have 2 development teams now?


Polyphony (makes GT)


SCE Bend Studios (made the vita Uncharted)


SCE Cambridge Studios (the vita Killzone)


SCE Japan Studios (last Guardian, which seems to be dead Smiley Sad )


SCE London Studios (PS Home) probably a new home for PS4 I think


SCE San Deigo Studios (MLB games and whatnot)


SCE Santa Monica (GoW)


SCE Studio Liverpool (Wipeout)


SuckerPunch (Infamous) THEY ARE MAKING INFAMOUS 3


Bigbig (Little Diviants)


Then there are the studios not mentioned like the makers of The Order 1866 and the people who made Starhawk (wanna say lightbox or something)

well off to work to ponder what Secret games are in the works

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