Nov 04 2012
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Ps3 won't accept disk! HELP ME ASAP!

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Hey guys, so recently my playstation stopped accepting disks, Just randomly i woke up one morning and it wouldn't work anymore. I can turn it on by pressing the power button and everything works fine! But when I put a disc in the front it doesn't accept it, it wont pull it in... It makes a buzzing noise like a phone vibrating but doesn't vibrate, its just the sound. Then it tries to eject when there's no disc. When I force the disc all the way in, it still wont accept it and start spinning it, But if i manually eject it "Holding eject button down for 15 seconds" it ejects. No matter what it's doing if i hit the arrow button with the little blue light, the light just turns off and it stops responding... 


Please help me, 



P.S. : Trying to fix this, I opened it up and took a quick glance where the disc is supposed to go in, I noticed that when it's in, the thing that spins the disc works, but doesn't reach the hole in the middle of the disc. All the lasers and components work well inside. Everything is dusted and is in it's original spot.


It's a playstation slim btw. 

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Re: Ps3 won't accept disk! HELP ME ASAP!

Nov 4, 2012
I was going to say call Sony till I read you opened it up..
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