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Re: Ps3/ vita bundle to promote the Vita to increase sales!!

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Jan 2, 2013

Seriously the topic of the thread is about a PS3/Vita bundle to boost sales. So why doesn't the OP include that in opening post?


They would have to charge a minimum of $500 to make it a deal. Add to it the needing to add value of games with the bundle and it might be close to the original price point of the PS3. Sony can't be wanting to go back to the sluggish sales of the PS3 first two years.


I know they target PS3 owners as buyers of te PS Vita, but as they said they are already owners. So a bundle at a high price won't attract many buyers.


Enough of the Vaio already put it in the off topic section and discuss it. You seem to have made a topic to discuss Vita/Ps3 bundles sales and are using it to promote the Vaio as god gift to personal computers.


Edit: we are in off-topic, so my bad there, but change the thread title to Vaio computers, or dicuss the VIta/PS3 bundle and not the Vaio L.

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Re: Ps3/ vita bundle to promote the Vita to increase sales!!

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Apr 19, 2014

Hold up just chill out stop getting so upset of something so small as what's going on, cool?


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