May 06 2012
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Ps3 helped me and my mom reconnect

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For a mothers day story the ps3 has helped me and my mom reconnect and her to get off drugs and alcahol. At 17 she walked out on me, my dad and my brother. The 3 of us moved to an apartment. And one day when i was 21 got a call on my cell phone she wanted to see me. So i went and we talked a few hours. I could tell she really changed. The hard part was she had a heartattack but it was minor.

We see each other now a few times a week which is great again. Im 23 now so for the past 2 years ive been able to see her. as for how the ps3 has helped is she wasnt much of a gamer and always wanted me to not play games all the time. Which for me is an impossible thing to do. but i wanted to try to get her to play games with me. Try to connect again. We play guitar hero and rockband alot. i play guitar and she sings most of the time. We also play little big planet and create different levels together. Theres also gran turismo 5 we played for a while.

I happened to show her rocksmith and even taught her a few chords. She always put me down on playing cause i wasnt that great. Ever since i got rocksmith this past christmas ive gotten better and she got to see how much ive learned these past months and started regretting ever putting me down about it. It took the game to help me get better.

As for her getting off drugs and getting clean. These past 2 years we've been back together and hanging out a few times a week she told me she's realized what shes missing out on. That she wished she never left and realized what a great son she has. So shes promised to quit doing drugs and alcahol all together caused she realized it was actually killing her but would rather be alive with me as long as she can. and she has been doing better. Shes off the drugs now and only has a drink once a week while attending rehab once a week.

This is how the ps3 helped me and my mom reconnect and helped her get off drugs and alcahol. and this mothers day we're going out to eat then back to the house to play more guitar hero. and do some competing on a few other games i have on the harddrive.

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Re: Ps3 helped me and my mom reconnect

May 9, 2012

This is a great story, and I can sympathize. It's tough when loved family members lose their way, but I'm glad that you were able to help by finding a common bond through PS.

I'll let ya know if your story is selected, thanks timmy

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