Nov 19 2011
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Ps3 Not Properly turned off (YLOD)

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I recieved a PS3 from my buddy that wasnt working.  I tried to turn it on and it was YLOD, went green blue then flashing red. 

I went to repair the YLOD following Gilksy method.

I turned it back on on it was working blue green light.  When I turned the TV I couldnt get any signal from the AV cables. I ended up disconnecting my HDMI from my cable box and putting it the PS3.  Once I did this I got pciture which gave me the message PS3 was not properly turned off previously.  Before I could even read the message it went YLOD again?????

Somewhere I read it could be a bad hard drive, I dont have a friend that has one to try and swap hard drives.  Should I try and Flux?

How do I kno its nots a fried HDD or PSU?

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Re: Ps3 Not Properly turned off (YLOD)

Nov 20, 2011

YLOD cannot be caused by a bad HDD, but if it is the PSU you would not hear the fan spin up when you first turn it on.

The Gilksy method may work for you if you do it properly. Many people take shortcuts and use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun. A hairdryer doesn't nearly get hot enough to do the job...

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