May 27 2014
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Ps Vita - Download Game Codes

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I love the ps vita and everything about it. But i do not like the friggin download game codes. Final Fantasy X-2, Sly Cooper 3 etc. This is ridiculous we cant include a second vita cart for the other game? Its 2014 not 2040. Digital has not taken over yet and the fact that we have proprietary memory cards with the ps vita, its completely unfair to expect us to what? Keep buying memory cards? Repeatedly delete and download games we want? Jesus man give me a break sony. I love sony but its not that expensive to produce a second vita cartridge and case that can fit 2 carts instead of just one.


It actually craps on resale value when you do this. Its not a collection anymore. The first two games are on the cart for sly collection and the 3rd is digital. So what if i decide to sell it tomorrow to help fund buying a new ps4 game? I cant because it just lost at least a third of its value if not more because who wants the first 2 for 20 bucks and download the third for what i bet 10-15 bucks, in which case why bother you might as well buy digital. See its things like this that make me want to pass on gaming this generation especially with handhelds.


I just bought the sly collection and im contemplating on returning it tomorrow. How messed up is that? And look at he reason, its nkt that they arent good games its that i hate digital. Ive spent maybe 1000$ on digital content since 2008. What more do you want? Give me some piece of mind that my vita wont need another 1000 from memory cards to digital content.

Devs complain on mobile gaming and yet mobile gaming is fair. You pay a buck here or there sometimes 3-5 and micro sds are dirt  cheap. Now you have handheld gaming, where its much more expensive and the quality isnt all that great. Dont get me wrong id love to support the psp3 or psvita2 as well if it ever comes out, but when you weigh in mobile gaming and handhelds, id rather sacrifice the fun and quality of handhelds for dirt cheap gaming on my galaxy s4.


We have proven with tests and opinion surveys that 70%+ people still rather want phgsical media. Yet we get screwed by things like this. And its one thing for indie devs to do it which is basically what mobile devs are, but sony come on AAA games should not also be doing this as a priority.


Please do not do this anymore. I loved the fact jak and daxter were together on one cart and i could play whenever, i could stomach FF x-2 as its 3rd party, but now weree getting out of hand here with sly. The psp had a few games or movies that had dual UMDs i believe in one case. Do the same for vita when it needs it.



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