Jun 22 2014
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Project Morpheus

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Project morpheus should be built like a projection scrren 4 the ps4 so that all games r compatable and i dont feel like im dumped into a vr ditch with games i dont wanna play, a projection screen, any ps4 game and the controller, im willing to put in headphones or w\e. Also 4 shooter games i get urked when i switch button layout to lefty and the gun is still held in my right hand, you would have to be left handed and have shot a real gun to know how it feels, and if\when vr comes to fps it will feel even weirder if the gun is in the wrong hand. This is just what i would love to see in project morpheus and i hope it wouldnt be too hard to turn project morpheus into a projector so i have the freedom and range to play what i want in virtual reality. Hope this is a decent idea and spreads like wild fire. MUCH LOVE



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