Aug 14 2014
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Project C.A.R.S. vs DriveClub

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For whatever reason, Project Cars doesnt seem to be making much noise, but I defintely think that you guys who are so pumped for DriveClub should check out Projects Cars. DriveClub does look graphically incredible, but I cant get over the idea that it is designed to be a "social-hub/racing game". It sounds like its going to be a lot like Need for Speed, very arcade style. I  personally believe that Project Cars looks just as good and will be a much better "driving simulator" much like Gran Turismo, I especially like that the game was built with A LOT of help from the racing game community, I feel confident that it is going to pull through on all the points that make a racing game awesome. I'll be getting the PS Plus version of DC so I guess I'll be able to compare the two, but right now I am more excited for Project C.A.R.S.


P.S. I apologize in advance for the text wall.

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