May 06 2014
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Problems with FF10-2 Loading Times

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First I'd like to say, What the hell happened to these forums, they are terrible and I can't find anything of use. Years ago when I frequented this site you could go to any game and go in and talk about that particular game, now only like 8 games let you do that.


On to the meat of my gripe. I just beat FF10 HD and started FF10-2 HD and that game is completely broken. After watching the stupid pop music video that you can't skip I was greeted with an endless load screen.

Restarted the game, and again sat through the stupid pop video. Had the load screen take nearly a minute to load. Fought a few baddies with long loads every 5 feet of travel through the stadium from ff10, fought a boss then was greeted with yet another never ending load screen, had not even progressed enough in the game to get to a save point, AND I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH THAT STUPID POP SONG AGAIN.



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Re: Problems with FF10-2 Loading Times

May 6, 2014
Sounds like something is wrong then. I played through the whole game and had no issues
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