Feb 15 2013
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Problems switching between UK/ Japanese PSN accounts

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A month or so back I made a Japanese PSN account via MediaGo so I could download some DLC for a Japanese retail game I’d imported (Digimon Adventure). I then bought the game again on PSN yesterday. In both cases, I downloaded the content to my laptop through MediaGo and then transferred it to my PSP via a USB cable.


The problem now is that I’m unable to play any non-Japanese PSN content.


I thought it would be a fairly simple matter of signing out of one account and in with another, but this doesn’t seem to be working. As far as I can tell, I *am* currently in my UK account, but can still only play my Japanese content; when I try and sign into the Japanese account on the PSP, it won’t let me.


Am I doing something wrong in terms of trying to switch accounts, or has something gone wrong here? Is there a (relatively) simple way for me to switch between the two accounts?

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Re: Problems switching between UK/ Japanese PSN accounts

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Feb 17, 2013

Go to Account Management, then activate the system. If you can't do it wirelessly then try re-downloading something with MediaGo, that should re-activate the system on the account.

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