Dec 04 2012
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Problems hooking up my new mini keyboard to my PS3

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I just bought a mini bluetooth keyboard 2.0 Its suppose to work for the PS3, Ipad, Iphone, Smartphone, PC and HTPC. I have read the instructions on it and they are very vage. Pretty much to connect it, enable bluetooth, then tells you a passcode to pair it with the device. It didnt seem to work. It also said to "touch" the keyboard to select your choices but didnt say any particular key.


Anyway, I charged it for 5 hrs before trying to hook it up. Afterwards I went to the accoutn settings, went to the bluetooth devices and clicked to add a device. It then asked me if I wanted to register a new device. I said yes. It then asked to begin scan, I said yes...then it goes into scanning mode and thats where it stays.  Its like it cannot detect it. I have made sure I have the keyboard hooked up to the PS3 for the first initial time, but its like its not registering. There are no lights on while its doing this. If I turn the keyboard off and then back on, the blue light will flash on for only a few seconds and then go back off again.


Can anyone give me any advice as to what to try? I would greatly appreciate it!

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