Feb 01 2014
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Problem logging into Playstation Store on my computer

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I'm a university student with a PS3 at home and a Vita here with me at school. I've been a Plus subscriber for about a year and a half now and have been loving the free game collection. I especially enjoy being able to redeem the free games while here at school so that when I head home for breaks I have all of these games waiting for me to enjoy. 


Except now I've hit a bit of a hiccup. When I try to log into my account on , the log-in screen will disappear before I have the chance to actually log in. I can log in perfectly fine on but not on the store. I called into support and they said they're aware of the problem but they have no recourse. In the meantime, I'm a few days away from missing out entirely on January's free game offerings. Is there any other way for me to capitalize on my subscription, or am I doomed to lose out on what is rightfully mine because of a lousy glitch on the website. 





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Re: Problem logging into Playstation Store on my computer

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Feb 3, 2014

As a suggestion for you, I can tell you that another cool option to be updated with news and having the store ready whereever you go,is downloading the Playstation app from your phone.


You will only need a connection to let the app bring you everything you need from game downloads that you can check later on your system,to add friends.


So in case you didn't know about it, it's a good option


Good luck! 

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