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Re: Price of Playstation 3

Jun 1, 2005

Aleman wrote:
I'm saying relative to X360, PS3's cost of production will be greater, and they will have to take larger losses to match MS's price.

I agree the PS3's cost of production will be greater but it won't matter.
They will release the PS3 at a competitive price to the Xbox360.

Sony is already planning to get into additional areas for revenue.
Such as HD movies(as you pointed out in another post).

They are looking to recoop there costs in multiple areas over the lifespan of the console.
There not looking to make a huge profit in year one or 2 more like 3 and 4.

Additionally we really don't know what else they have planned.
I am sure over the next 6-9 months we will learn alot more.
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