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Jan 31 2013
By: xBLAZINxAZNx First Son 8 posts

Price drop?

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hi looking at getting the vita! should i wait for a price drop or get it now? theres not too many games i want right now but I would like it cause its like a system on the go. is there going to be a price drop? add me on ps3! xBLAZINxAZNx

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Re: Price drop?

Jan 31, 2013

Well I don't think there is any confirmed price drop date, Sony did say they would sometimes during 2013. So since you can't find anything you are interested in just maybe it's better you wait for a price drop.


Me personally I think the Vita's price is fine for everything it offers not only what it offers but the build quality of the Vita is the best of any handheld and practically every piece of hardware on it is excellent in terms of how effeciently it works but again that is me.


I guess this late in the game though it might be better to just hold out cause it would suck if you buy it right now and soon comes the price drop, then I am sure you won't be to ecstatic about that.


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