Jun 04 2014
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Pretty large playstation share button complaint

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So i record about 10 minutes of trials fusion let's play footage, It was really funny and really cool and i hit the share button and it's on there, Then i back out of the share menu by accident then i hit share again to go back into it, And somehow, That footage is gone! I don't know how that is possible, But it's gone now and it was really good footage that just disappeared for some reason. It wasn't replaced or anything, It was just deleted



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Re: Pretty large playstation share button complaint

Jun 4, 2014

same thing happened to me when i was playing watchdogs 

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Re: Pretty large playstation share button complaint

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Jun 4, 2014


Content must be manualy saved now.... This stops 800MB of file space being taken up When you only wanted a photo as you did not hold the share button long enough and it counted as a single press and saved the last 15mins of video

Now it ignores users who Light press to save and only wanted a photo which they can now save with triangle...  

Its been this way since firmware 1.70...

Square to save video.

Triangle to save photo...

Erase video = exit with out saving

Erase video and start a timed recording = double press with out entering the share screen to erase past content and start a record session which saves at the time limit.


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