Dec 02 2012
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Possible to show PS3 on Desktop?

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By this I mean, let me start with my setup.
I have two desks in the corner of my room, with two TVs on them. One is obviously my computer, and the other is my PS3. 
I do not have capture software, but I was wondering if there are any programs I could download, or even just use an HDMI cable if possible, to display my PS3 game on my computer? 
I have an Alienware Aurora_R4, so I can pretty much run any remote desktop program or something along those lines. 

If not, I'll just buy a capture card when I have the chance to. And if I have to buy a capture card, any suggestions(:?

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Re: Possible to show PS3 on Desktop?

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Dec 2, 2012

Edit. Wait. What monitor do you have if its got more than 1 HDMI input then you don't need any capture software you just need a HDMI HDCP compliant HDMI splitter and cables. The PS3 can then be wired to the monitor... and you just change channel.


If You actualy want to capture footage...


Just buy a HDMI HDCP compliant splitter and the PCI capture card and stick it in the Tower... got 2 empty slots still right...

There might be some console to monitor lag depending on the PCI card cost.

but alot less than the USB capture cards...


Kinda suprised the Alienware Tower does not allready have a HD video in card already, thats why you buy Alienware to get every thing you need on day one... or did you customise it to get it cheaper... ( aka An Alien ware case sold buy a third party crap company )

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Re: Possible to show PS3 on Desktop?

Dec 2, 2012

I have six HDMI inputs. Thanks for the info!

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