Jun 19 2013
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Pointless 4.45, now cant sign into PSN

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I updated all five of my ps3 systems last night, I have mine, my wifes, my moms, my dads, and my brothers systems all updated at the same time to 4.45, now none of them will connect to PS3 network.  I went to sleep with mine online last night, now none of the systems will connect, its pissing me off.  I am trying to go exchange my ps3 for another one as I just bought it and the ethernet port doesnt work, and the wifi card is a bit sketchy sometimes. What the  hell is going on?  The forums seem to be flooded with these posts. lets bring back socom 2

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Re: Pointless 4.45, now cant sign into PSN

Jun 19, 2013
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