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Re: Please Sony

Oct 4, 2013

nextordjj wrote:
To mvp o don't have to expulsion what I do with my money but I tell you anyway the reason is because where I Live is a LOT a LOT cheaper no because I am lazy

Well, I'm sorry but if you're this steadfast, it looks like you're not going to play the game then.

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Re: Please Sony

Oct 4, 2013

Teus wrote:

Bradley_Davis129 wrote:
Digital has less loading problems, smoother gameplay, less texture popup. Now **bleep**

you realize how big its gonna be?



Thats what she said, wah, wah...

Na13-31 wrote:
Finally, the structure of my question is that you would have to disprove every possible outcome to be correct and I would just have to have one that would likely be beneficial. That's statistically in my favor by quite a bit.

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