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Re: Playstaytion 3??!!!!!!!!!

Jun 28, 2005
Ok this is what sucks i want to get the ps3 like NOW, TODAY! i understand they have to make it and i know i cant make a diffrence since im one person but who else would like it really soon id prolly like it in january the january of 2006 spring 2006 is still a long time ive been waiting for it since they said ps3 was coming out ok now about the other CONSOLES nintendo why do i hate it? its because its mostly for kids look donkey kong.... and all these kids games..but thats not the main reason THEY MAKE SO MANY CONSOLES RIGHT AWAY,,,, now xbox... its not all that great but ok... PS3 OWNS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love playstation it makes systems furhter apart but the ps3 is the one that is the furthest from the ps2 i know the ps2 has 2 diffrent designs the new slim and the old fat one... heh but look i would love if the ps3 comes earlier if you back me up in this post all this or partially anywhere you want! so this can get to all the sony , playstation people! Oh i also understand that you still haveto manufactur all the ps3's but technology today can make anything anytime as fast as you want, well not really but ok!
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