Apr 08 2012
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Playstation to PS3

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I cant remember the exact date but it was on Christmas Day, I got home from visiiting my sisters and there on my bed was a box on my bed, I opened it to find several smaller boxs inside, after opening up 6 of them I got a letter directing me upstairs, now I was very excited because this was a scavenger hunt and those are awesome so I got up there and already hooked up was the original Playstation, I was so happy, it wasnt brand new because they bought it from the Pawn Shop but none the less I was happy, had one game a madden one, I remember I had my cousins come over and we played for hours, on one of the games we played something funny happened, I was dodging all his tackles and I was about 15 yards away from the touchdown and they were not catching me, so I started to taunt him and 10 yards from the goal my character slowed down and grabbed his leg, slowing me and costing me the match.

I remember this date because this was the day I went out and bought with my own money a PS2, it was January of 2002 and with it I bought Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy 10, I spent days playing those games. I even did an art project on Final Fantasy 10, I did a drawing of Tidus, Auron, Lulu, and Wakka battling Seymour with Yuna in the backround. My favorite Story was when I rented a WWE vs Smackdown game can't remember the name but it was one where you could have a ladder match with 6 people, I had on of those multi taps where you could have extra controlllers So we had 6 people playing and it was insane, the battle was 2 hours long, we all had our favorites and it seemed no one could pull the belt down, after those many hours my nephews came out the victors after my guy went to grab him and someone tipped the ladder giving enough time for him to fall down with the belt.

And Finally the PS3, this system has been alot of fun, I bought it about 3 years after it came out, I have some stories with this one but i'll only will talk about one story in particular, and that is when I rented Red Dead Redemption and went on Multiplayer Free Mode, it started out as a friendly little battle in one of the towns between me, my nephew and two other players, and then escalated into an all out war then lasted 5 hours, everyone on the map came and joined this battle, so we had our mics and set some rules, teams of 3, this battle was fun we got our butts handed to us, it seemed everytime you would pop up you would die, but other times you dominated the area and no one could touch you, and after 5 hours of intense battle people started leaving so we ended our war and played on some of the multiplayer matches.

The PS3 it has its ups and downs but to me it is superior to the 360 especially since it has free multiplayer, it started out with a lack of games but has since comeback with some great titles, Uncharted Series, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistence Series, Killzone Series, the list goes on. So this is my experience with the PS3, hope you enjoyed

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