Oct 09 2012
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Playstation story

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@PlayStation when I was little we would go to the giant eagle and I would go in the play room that had a a play station 1. So one day when I go in their to play it I put in NHL 99 or one of the older ones and I notice its not working for some reason. I inspect it and see that when I was trying to put it in it must have cracked so I started to cry but I came up with an idea! I was only about 6 so I though why not just take it? So I put the game in my little overall pocket and the lady running the play place didn't notice it. So i then leave the place and I am home now, I decide to hide it in my closet and not ever talk about it again. Then about a few weeks ago ( I'm now 15) and I totally forgot about the whole thing and I was going through my closet and I found it in my old safe! I now keep that disc in a picture frame next to my ps3. That is my favorite play station story!
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