Aug 06 2012
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Playstation's Kid For Life

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Ya know, even though you are a little kid like 3 years old it doesn't mean you can't play games. That's what happened to me. I was born in Philippines. It was really hard for most of the people get anything like Playstation. It was a fortune that my father got a PS one. He bought the system for our entertainment especially for me. Since I was 3, I know I can play games. But the game I had fun the most with PS one is Marvel vs. Capcom. Man, those were the days. I loved that game. My parents said that I used to beat them in that game and other couple of games that we don't remember anymore.
It was unfortunate though because of family problems that my parents were seperated and which means that my mom would have to take me, but not with my PS one. Of course I was a child I forgot all about gaming. But it's not the end of my gaming life. I moved to another city when I was 6 years old. My friends have their own Gameboys, people arcade PS2, and others have their own Nintendo 64. But I didn't have any of those. And that's when I remember I used to play one with my Playstation. So I spared some of my coins to play PS2 that is available via arcade. However, my stepfather does not allow me to go outside to play. Actually, I never even played during those years with my stepfather, but whenever he ask me to do something like to buy grocery or food, I always play arcade games first. So I am reunited with Playstation because of PS2. During the times I play PS2, I always play games such as God of War and God of War II and of course, Crash Bandicoot.
Even though I'm having fun, I have to come home with trouble. Sometimes I don't know the time period during my duty and it takes me a long time to come home so my stepfather got suspicious and later on found out that I play video games outside. So I get beat up alot.
However, it doesn't mean I lost faith on Playstation. In 2010, my mother came home to the Philippines from South Korea. She told me she would bring me with her. I later found out that my mom is married to an American. I have a new stepfather! My dad gave me everything that entertains kids, PS3. I was so happy with all those years I am reunited again with Playstation. Not only that, but I get to reunited with home consoles in order, from PS one to PS2, then to PS3. I later cound out all about gaming and used this knowledge to play. I've enjoyed my life for almost 3 years now because of Playstation. I got to play with my favorite video game series again, God of War. I tried different exclusives, but limited here in Korea.
Then my dad decided to move back to States. It was my first timer in the "land of opportunity". So now I have a lot of resources of games. I played Playstation exclusives such as inFAMOUS (which is my second favorite game) and Uncharted series. I also discovered Multiplayer with platformer games. With all these things, I was enjoying the "American dream" and I changed that phrase later on being "Playstation dream". With home consoles I also had PSP and now, PS Vita. I'm complete with Playstation.
With all these years I never lost faith of having Playstation back to me even with all those challenges and problems in life. I realized that video games is my life, I grew up with it knowing that it's there, and only Playstation I know. Even though all of my friends play Xbox 360 and tells me to switch I always say: "Nah, I'm a Playstation kid and will always be." They always laugh at me, but who cares? I know that Playstation has it all, it gave me an inspiration to live.
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