Oct 19 2012
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Playstation runs in my family

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When i was young my passion for video games had begun with the Tekken series on the Playstation 1. Hours of mastering epic combos and the extremely messed up story of the Mishima family got me hooked onto this new era of console gaming. Later, i transitioned into Crash Bandicoot and hours of collecting those purple crystals in Cortex strikes back got me hyped on sequels. Sooner or later my uncle gave my cousins a PS2. My first impression looked something like me open mouth gaping at the television while my cousin played Star Wars: Battlefront 2. This instantly awoke the fire in me to get the latest and greatest system out yet. Throughout the years me and my cousin gained alot of respect for each other after years of couch co-op with the Time Splitters Series, Battlefront 2, Gran Turismo 4 (Best racing game i ever played), Midnight Club LA, and ofcourse my beloved God of War series. The world's best game yet. Me and my cousin were instantly attracted by a PSP, which boasted PS2 capabilities on the go. We had many hours of fun with games like Socom, God of War Chains of Chaos, Game Sharing with Ghost Rider, playing quick madden matches after school, and doing all nighters with Socom 3's wireless co-op. Then one day, my cousin introduced to me the PS3. I was torn between my wallet and my passion for gaming on the latest greatest playstation device with my cousin. But the day i saw God of War 3 in 1080p on my tv. I made the right choice and i after 2 years with my PS3, it's still going strong. I then bought my friends and other cousins a PS3 due to my obsession with this new field of massive multiplayer games ranging from Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 (BEST GAME AFTER GOD OF WAR), and not to mention one of my favorites Little Big Planet. I have spent many great family nights with my PS3, going from hardcore Deathmatches, tekken matches, midnight club racing, Gran Turismo 5, Creating things in Little big planet together, and last but not least my ps move. Dancing in Everybody Move, and competing in Sports Champions is a far greater experience i've had going to a friend's house with a Wii. Cat Tongue


As i got more interested in Playstation i signed up to what was then called, "Playstation Underground", and continued to what's now called PSN. The greatest online gaming community in existence. I began to become more heavily involved in the playstation company and their strive to do the best for their customers even after devastating events like the anonymous attack. I personally still follow all my favorite classics like tekken, crash bandicoot, and the upcomming Playstation All-Stars which includes ALL my favorite character. I dont how to begin listing but it sure reminds me of my long nights with the Ratchet and Clank series, and not to mention the Theivious Raccoonus or Sly Cooper and his gang. Jack Daxter another classic (I just hope they add Crash Bandicoot). Another great game comming soon im looking forward to is Assassin's Creed 3. I've been following the whole series. I just know that all my life the only gaming consoles/handhelds i've enjoyed with my family and friends is Playstation and forever will be Playstation no matter what. Thank you for reading my story and my wonderfull experience with Playstation.

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Re: Playstation runs in my family

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Oct 19, 2012

Really good story. If you want to see mines it's called horror brings connections to gamers.

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