Feb 21 2012
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Playstation problem

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A few summers ago i bought a 160gb ps3, it crashed in not even a years time.  So i went out and bought a ps3 slim and it later died because of a burnt put laser.  So i am on my third and probably final ps3.  What i want to know is if fix my first one is possible, whenever i turn it on it says something along the lines of: you need to install a new storage update 3.10 or up, so i tried putting the update on a small thumb drive and popped it in the playstation, i dont quite remember but i believe it tried to download it but it didnt work.  i want to know if i can fix it and sell it for an xbox 360 or if its just another plastic shell of a gaming system that should go in the trash.

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Re: Playstation problem

Feb 21, 2012

Was the update from the same region as the PS3? And anything can be "fixed" if you spend enough money.

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