Nov 19 2012
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Playstation has helped me be the man I am today.

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I feel a bit silly because while this story admits I was not the brightest bulb in the haystack or that I’m a great writer, it does tell a very important fact about me, that Playstation has helped me become the man I am today. It all starts with the very beginnings, eavesdropping on a conversation of Metal Gear Solid 3 when I was in 7th grade. I always thought the franchise was silly mainly because I struggled with the Metal Gear Solid 1 Demo on PS1 when I was a younger child but regardless with all the talk about the game I decided to try it out. I was never the smartest kid and I always thought school was dumb and pointless, when I got Metal Gear Solid 3 I thought it was just going to another fun couple hours like any other game but it was an awe inspiring adventure. As the hatch opens up for the HALO jump and the light reflects on Naked Snakes helmet I was instantaneously drawn in by the brilliant colors of a fake but real sunrise and it only got more in depth from there. I started reading more due to the subtitles in the codec screen when a conversation was very long and drawn out, for the first time ever I enjoyed reading something for myself and that skill helped me with my reading abilities as I grew older. The game had such an in depth history of the cold war and what it was all about and how silly a lot of aspects of war can be and also how sad. It only got me to read every piece of information about the time that I could and helped me to understand not only the richness of the cold war but what people had thought about and put them through during that time. I really respect a person's right to play the game but (spoiler alert) when The Boss died in the field of white lilies was something I had cried over. I can now only see the silliness of positioning myself in a fake character’s place but in that untrue reality Naked Snake had killed his own mother for the good of the country. Empathy was not a skill I had really fixated on as a "everything was mine" teenager but it helped me understand that hey you have to really start putting yourself in someone else’s position when you want something and also to respect your parents because they only try to make you into a better person than they are. MGS3 is also what I called the "gateway" game; it had lead me to more experiences with Playstation that helped me build my character, intelligence and overall personality. Even though I cannot say it was the only thing in my life that helped me be who I am today what I can say is this, Big Boss was a big influence on my own persona and that without Playstation and Metal Gear Solid 3 I would not be the man I am today. 

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