Dec 18 2012
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Playstation Story

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 Well, during the early years when i was 14 of 2008, I've wanted a PSP for christmas, but since my parents get confused easily they miss took me wanting a PSP for a PS3.. and so, they  end up buying me a PS3!" So later before the clock hit 12, Me, My  brothers and Sisters wake up in the middle of the night just to see what was under the christmas tree.. and it was one big box and we're all saying: Woah!" You think they put all the presents in here?!  And so we rip up the gift wrapping paper in the most violent way, like how a pack of lions would. So anyways my parents hear what was going on outside there room and heads over to the living room. There they see the 5 of us looking at one.. PS3 ;P and during that time the PS3 was around 450 to 500$. My brothers and sisters ask wheres there presents and so my parents say: They couldn't buy anything for them because the PS3 they bought for me used up all the Christmas money they had left for us. I remember my brothers and sisters looking at me in an angry way and my parents telling me that I should've gotten something else cheaper so that they could've gotten something for the others. I was being pushed and yelled at by my brothers and sisters, then I tell my parents that this isn't what I wanted.. and so.. they start yelling at me.. Haha,  I told them I wanted a PSP not a PS3 and well eventually I got my PSP Smiley Happy but, I was the one who ruined Christmas that year for them xDD Haha, this is actually one of my favorite Christmas memories ;D All true Hahaha xDD


Well, this is my Playstation story Smiley Happy)

*Thinking about nothing* O_O
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