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Nov 16 2012
By: hyperhyper First Son 4 posts

Playstation Store - The experiment is over

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Yes, everyone has complained that they do not like the new store but aside from the terrible design and slow responses, there are some major issues with the functionality that are going to cut deeply into Playstation Network sales.  It constantly times out on me and I cannot make purchases.  It took me about a 1/2 hour to get 5 games added to my shopping cart and to be honest, I think I am done buying games on it until they revert it or fix it.  I can't even get the free games from Playstation Plus - what's the point of buying PSN Plus if you can't use it?


I personally think that Sony should have beta tested this a bit more before releasing it to us all.  I've always been a big supporter of Sony but this is disastrous.  It makes me want to leave the PSN family because I've essentially lost the use of the PSN store.


People can vote with their wallets (as I am going to do) but they are giving Sony a heads up that they screwed up and if they want to fix it, they should revert to the old system (that works) or put in some overtime and get this running properly.  As I said, I'm personally done with buying anything on the PSN unti they fix this because I don't have time to sit through all the error screens (tried spending $18 this morning and I couldn't due to PSN errors t - how many other people are running into the same issues?)

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Re: Playstation Store - The experiment is over

Nov 16, 2012
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