Dec 26 2013
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Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection

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Please help a dad out,  I am completely new to this.   


I gave a PS4 to my kids for Xmas,  and got it up and running and logged in with a psn account.  I purchased the PS+ 1 year membership through the PS Store, and I can go into settings and PSN and verify that i have the subscription.  Here's my question...


How do i access the PS+ Instant game collection?   I can't find anything that mentions how to find the instant game collection or anything related to PS+ other than the ad to buy it (which I've already done).  


I'm sure 99% of you guys will call me a moron, but i figured i'd have somthing on my main screen that would take me to it.


I appreciate any help I can get.

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Re: Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection

Dec 26, 2013

There are only 2 games in the IGC right now for PS4, Resogun and Contrast. You can just search them on the store, they should show as free on their game page. As for the PS3 you can go to the playstation plus section of the store. If you go there on the ps4 it's just ads though.

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