Dec 05 2012
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Playstation Memories Of Year 2012

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My knowledge of this year 2012 had led my thoughts thinking about the great times we had this year. The first time that I have a friend named, ' Mike '. He's a true gamer of playstation and a very trustful friend he is. Once we been discussed about the new Grand Theft Auto 5. Explaining how the game is going to be based on however, I'm not going to revealed the gaming what their developing for the next year of 2013 spring. Because if someone reveal the entire game it's no longer a secret anymore.


Playstation Home is one of the best public game that I've ever played on. Sometimes a lot of users don't like Playstation Home that much. Home feel good to me is because the enjoyment of the users playing on any type of new games what they've see around Playstation Home on every Wednesday or any day. Before I play Playstation Home I usually say, " Playstation is no other place like Home ." The more I play around Playstation Home it would usually my best public game to play on. " nice job developers for making Playstation Home for us ."


Online Friends are usually friendly sometimes. Lots of people around from around the world in different countries likes video games and some don't. However, it doesn't matter to me they don't have to play. They just contact people from their playstation 3 online network from their region of where they live or close-by. I had lots of friends online and offline on my Ps3. I've sometimes add friends to my list if they want to play the same game what I'm using or what he's using like my user friend named Cyb3rfr34k-iso. We sometimes meet in person and some are not. However, I'd loved what their knowledge about their countries, families and more activities what they like to do for fun.


My first playstation download game. The first game what Sony had gave us for a welcome back package. I felt horrible that I couldn't play online, at a meantime I can still play single player. I've picked two best games of my favorites Infamous, Little Big Planet and a Playstation theme of Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. I'd loved the two games what I've picked that's not the only two games that I've got, this game Battlefield 1943 full game unlock was gifted from Cyb3rfr34k-iso. Thank you friend and Sony for giving us the welcome back package and we all felt bad about that day what occurred.


Playstation online bullies are one of the worst thing what I've ever encountered in my life. Once on Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare I was playing a great match on Team Deathmatch. And after a great match I was on the mic and talking to the players " great match " I said. The player tries to threaten me that I would get my account stolen from that user. I told him, " hey you can't do that, that's breaking the rules and moderators are listening every words we're saying ". He got scared and quit the match lobby because he knows is true and he doesn't want to get any further consequences.


Playstation holidays events are super fun for us to do. In fact they also lower prices throughout the holiday week. Maybe I don't have every games from the holidays. However, I can play any type of games throughout the season and holidays. Even from around the world I can always carry along a Playstation Portable on holidays, or even school recess. Once I went to United Kingdom for a visit in the winter. It's pretty cold outside and my feet are freezing into a block of ice. However, Christmas is a great holiday to throw a party of god celebration. And do more fun events around the Playstation Home and in games too, including New Years eve.


Playstation are my favorite top one video game system what they ever built. Gamers from around the world even the ones who had no Ps3, this could be their chance to get one this year. Including autistic teens and little kids that know here's a little message for them. " Even if they have no gaming system that doesn't mean you have no friends. I've seen some understandable autistic kids wanted a Playstation system to have fun. And remember don't buy addictive games buy easy and fun ones. Because we all gamers including you too, your gamer lazarojenrry. " Playstation are one of the most greatest things you get to do with it. Watch movies like Netflix and more apps for playstation.


And remember even If we all gamers from lots of countries that loves playstation and families and much more. Then we all are family of our brand and our lives. Playstation are built for enjoyment, experiencing throughout gaming can lead you to your experience of your own gaming. Here on this form and blog can give you and us information about things around playstation. We all a family of this brand you can also join to be apart of this big playstation family. Experience or no experience playstation are sometimes educational and fun as the game Buzz Quiz and more Brian challenges. Memories of 2012 are the best what experienced, I hoped next year would be way more fun for you and me.                                                


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