Mar 06 2012
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Playstation: It only does everything.

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    Since as long as I can remember I have always found myself more attracted to Playstation devices. I started my long obsession starting with the PSone system, such a cute and interesting system. It was a simple system but it got the job done. I played so many games, I can't even remember them all. After a couple of years, the PS2 was announced and I was amazed by how much it had evolved. I got the PS2 for my birthday, sadly I was sick on my birthday and I had to stay in bed because of my high fever but that didn't stop me from playing it the next day. After all the fun I had with those 2 systems, I couldn't wait for the next one. After that the PSP was announced I was excited that I could finally game on the go. I finally got the PSP after a short wait and played until the battery was no more. Played with them everyday until finally the PS3 was announced. I was shock by the huge leap it did, It was completely different from the PS2. It was a high power processing machine and I also remember the PS3 modo until this very day, "It only does everything". Truly Playstation has done everything, It has given me a wonderful gaming life in which I don't regret. I love the Playstation series and I hope it has a long and prosperous life.

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