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Playstation, How My Gaming Life Evolved

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Okay, I admit it. I was a bit late to the PlayStation party, but that never changed my perspective on this wonderful brand, better late than never right? 


I got my first PlayStation system on my birthday in June 2006, now I had heard good things about the company before this moment happened. Game reviews were through the roof, some like Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank scored an 8-10 rating, Kingdom Hearts had a 9, a lot of these games are what interested me in the PlayStation brand. Commercials of the PlayStation 2 were still going on, I saw YouTube videos, and beautiful gameplay and graphics in there. But anyway, I got my very first experience with the brand in 2007, a PS2 system was unboxed, it was the happiest moment in gaming I had ever experienced, a big smile crossed my 8-year old face. I also got a few incentives along with it, the likes of Jak and Daxter: Precursor's Legacy, Ratchet and Clank, Star Wars Battlefront II, and my all-time favorite game on the PS2, Kingdom Hearts II. 


My grandpa helped me hook it up and from then on, PlayStation became an important part of gaming to me. I inserted Kingdom Hearts II and was greeted with slick graphics and animations I had never seen before, I had played other dated systems before, so I never saw a beautiful presentation such as this. I know graphics aren't what makes a game, but I personally like the eye-candy if I can help it. It made me realize how much hard work was put into making the PS2 an optimal system for gaming, that is until the PS3 came out that same year, but that's for later. The next day I popped in Jak and Daxter: Precursor's Legacy, once again, sleek animations and graphics but the story was my favorite, engaging and just enough to keep me interested the whole way through. Like KH2, it was played hours on end, and I enjoyed every minute of it. PlayStation was a brand of gaming I just couldn't let go of, and of course... I did not.


Now let's fast forward to Christmas 2010. And yes, I got the PS3 THAT late, but I had never played the previous system so I couldn't just jump into the PS3 in 2006. I had to enjoy it's little brother for a few years before I made the upgrade, and boy, what a moment it was! My grandma drove me and my mom to Target, I didn't know what to expect. Why were we going to Target? What are we shopping or something? But my entire thought process changed when we got into the store, walked up to the order pick-up counter, and I saw a 320 GB PlaySation 3 Move Bundle sitting there. I didn't even know what to say, I just sat there... gawking. Now bear in mind, this was probably 4 days before Christmas, so that is why I didn't expect this. But unfortunately... this was the much newer version of the PS3 and it wasn't backwards compatible with PS2. So I kind of missed out on that, but hey, I still had my PS2 anyway. 


Now getting out of the store, I was extremely eager to get home and try out my new gaming system. Thankfully, I had enough room on my entertainment stand to have both. So like the PS2 moment, I got home, hooked it all up and started it up! The thing that caught my eye... was the XMB menu. The PS2 simply started up the game, no questions asked. But this had MUCH more features, and replaced the PS2 as my all-time favorite system. But I still dust it off when it needs it, and play it from time to time. 4 days later, it was Christmas morning and I jumped out of bed and went into the living room like any eager boy would on a day such as this. And like that wonderful morning on my birthday, I got a few games to go along with the PS3 I had gotten a few days before. These included: Infamous, Heavenly Sword, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, The Sly Collection (Oh how I love these games!), and Blur. Now NFS and Blur got me into the racing genre, with lush environments to drive through and on the occasion... cops to crash into out of pure enjoyment, an offering of Need For Speed. Infamous was amazing with its open-world genre, and electrical powers which I highly enjoyed. And Heavenly Sword became a favorite of mine in the PS3 library, hack-and slash enjoyment with a strong story, I like it very much so.


Finally, I received a PSP for my birthday that next year. It amazed me what a handheld could do in terms of graphics, Final Fantasy Dissidia was a unique one indeed. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite kept me busy for hours, it was great to hold me off until the NGP released in February 2012, which is now known as the Playstation Vita. But alas, I don't have one yet, it looks like an amazing system and I am interested to see what more a handheld can do for me in terms of gaming. 


From the past to the present, PS has been the best brand I've gotten my hands on, the PS2 was enchanting and the best of its breed, but the PS3 had it all, it really does do "everything", and is still very much alive. 


PlayStation will be in my heart till for a long time to come. I am very interested to see what trick they have up their sleeve next, and I am 100% sure... that experience will be much more enjoyable than the last.


Playstation forever. 

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Re: Playstation, How My Gaming Life Evolved

Sep 2, 2012

good job

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