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Playstation Gaming Of The Good Days

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Playstation is one of the most interesting thing what I experienced during the past years. The first playstation that I'd played as a kid is the Playstation 1. My purpose of playing of one of the most creative consoles that the developers made is called, ' Resident Evil 2 '. That game gave me the opportunity to play more playstation gaming action. I played so many times with Resident Evil 2 that I couldn't stop myself touching the playstation controller. Stopping zombies from eating me alive is more like Dead Island. Which the developers continue making more Resident Evil games.


My Playstation 2

Then after a few years later in 2004 I searched through the internet and looking of new playstation gaming consoles. Sony made the new Playstation 2 with a new dualshock controller. I was so amazed, that I started to get hyped up with the new playstation 2. On that Christmas evening I were at my friends house celebrating Christmas day and after the party my friend gave me a playstation 2 system and I gave mines Resident Evil 2 for playstation 1. I was so excited that my father and I went together to GameStop to buy playstation 2 games.


After we purchased it I play the first game from Rockstar games and is ' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas '. Now that game got me some excitement and entertaining and why you ask ?. Well is because is a free roam city that you can do what you want. The first mission was intense riding on a bike with Carl Johnson friends Ryder, Big Smoke, and his brother Sweet  escaping from the ballas car that were attempted to shoot us down. Until I passed the first mission I was free roaming around Los Santos. Then a few later an airplane crashed on me and died it was so hilarious that I started to have super fun with that game.


Then Something happen in the game in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas things couldn't get any better until some how the house started to explode rapidly. I said, " this is the end of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas !. " My friend laughed airplanes started falling out of the sky, cars exploding into a burst of fire is crazy and the only thing is to turn off the system. Is like the game crashed and it gave me bad luck. I turned it back on and it stops the game probably the game has to many cheats in it. So far I'm started enjoying the playstation 2 games.


Playstation 3 is one of the best gaming system for the generation of all playstation. The game what I really liked is ' Battlefield 1943 '. That game had finally drove me crazy to play all playstation games what I purchased. The war of World Domination capturing flags and fighting against the enemy lines and scoring a victory on each map and rounds. The first time I'd flew a war airplane fighter on a map that is my favorite named ' Wake Island '. My rank was private silver before and now is 2nd lieutenant gold. Playstaion gaming consoles are really fun for me when I play either with a friend or alone however, playstation consoles got me to enjoy the games what I played and experienced through out the years. The End


                                  Written and pictured by LazaroJenrry

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