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Sep 28 2012
By: lazarojenrry Wastelander 631 posts

Playstation Gamer Experienced Life Gaming & Caring

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On July 10th, 2001 I've experienced the first gaming of "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec." A great day when I were a kid playing racing games on a sunny Sunday. This game is also related to other racing games like Need For Speed, WRC 3, Rumble Racing and more. As a kid during my epic win on Gran Tursimo 3 A-Spec. I were a great gaming driver, drifting along the road without any crashing and still can defeat the other players on the Ps2.


Year 2003 "Socom II U.S Navy Seals" had inbound on year 2003. A great game starts to be a combative, strategy war game based on a Navy Seals military action. That can be perfect for war gamers around Ps2 and other gaming systems. I always be a war gamer too. It's been lots of years being a war gamer through any gaming systems. I were up the top of the leaderboard on Ps2 the top 10th place. I started play Socom as a newbie the first time, starting to lose all matches, starting to gaining ranks and getting better at it as a pro.


Day October 26, 2004 few days until Halloween my favorite holiday. "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Is a great game that is my favorite during the release of the game. I've never seen in my life that when I first reviewed the game in Ps2. The gangs are very hilarious, mean, and crazy. I've fist completed the game on November my birthday month. It's to bad that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas doesn't have online for Ps2 but on PC is the only thing what I can play online. And GTA is a evolution for the upcoming games in the future. This game is  freedom you can do anything swim, sprint, jump go on any vehicles and more.


Four years later I were a teenager on 2008. The Ps3 were officially In GameStop for everyone. I were delighted to see my Ps3 on my bedroom. However, I've told my dad that can he buy me a Playstation 3. He responded back and said, " sure why not let's go. " When we arrive to GameStop, we step inside and asked the to buy a Playstation 3. So we purchased the Ps3 system and went back home with the games. When we arrive back home I've dashed upstairs to my room, unboxing the Ps3 and plugged with the core and then turned it on to play my new Ps3 games.


The game first I've started which is called " Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. " The game is amazing than the classical one from the PC. On single player you can jump, knife terrorist, and sprint also even shoot with your weapons on the mission. I've passed all the single player missions on October 31st, 2008. On multiplayer started off as a recruiter and for many month on December 11th, 2009. I've got level 55 10th prestige with a high score. Through guns customization made me powerful in the battlefield.


On March 1st, 2009 my first download public game called " Playstation Home." The public server were great and functional. I've heard that they be posting updates of new events and personal spaces to explore around. Playstation Home is almost just like our reality world. However, the avatar is animated as well around Playstation Home too. The my first time doing a community event is " Independence Day. " 2009 through 2012 I've been playing my Ps3 every year and so on. Playstation Home that I'll never forget how fun it is.


On August 1st, 2012 my good old friend, " Mike " came by my house with a glisten with tears in front of me. I asked him, " what wrong Mike why your crying. " He said, " that the last Ps3 what they've. The GameStop cashier they're not going to put more out until October and I don't have any money to buy it and I'm going to miss out Ps3 games. " " I know what I'm going to do. " I responded. " I'm going to give you mines for you as a gift " I bravery said. So I've started saying goodbye to my original Ps3 sadly. However, is the right thing to do helping him out that's how friends do. Then a few days later he returned to my house and he bought me a Ps3 slim as a return. I were happy for what I've did what I've helped him. Playstation 3 and friends equal friendship. I hoped Sony was proud for what I've done. The End

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