Mar 05 2012
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Playstation Friend (PSN) ID Exchange

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Looking to make some new friends to play online with so I got to beef up my list! I see a lot of threads as about friends, so I'm not sure if there's a mass thread of friend adds or you have to find the interest/games you're into. I have a sad bluetooth mic and wireless keyboard hooked up when I can't really talk (like now with a sore throat lol).

I'm currently playing:

Borderlands (and 2 when it comes out)

Skyrim (not really multi but it's great.. 'cept for all the freezing!)

Mass Effect 3 (yes! tomorrow's the day!)

Little Big Planet (1 and 2)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (comic characters are my weakspot)

Dungeon Seige 3

Dark Kingdom (it's so old now)

Ratchet and Clank All 4 One

Assassin's Creed (up to Brotherhood, Revalations later)

Call of Duty MW3 (not so great w/ shooters but friends are pushing so I'm learning)

Uncharted (1, 2 and 3)

Several PSN titles (Dungeon Hunter, Dead Nation, Shank, Deathspank ..LOL)

If I see a good game, I'll try and grab it. I'm into co-op and adventure. And just a little about me: I'm into drawing, comics, animes (not as much now as I worked in the industry for a looooong time), and sometimes my girlfriend will play too if possible.

So, it's 'EcchiPanda', Add Me!

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