Jun 22 2014
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Playstation Customer Service

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I recently had an issue with liscening on Playstation 4.  What happened is when i downloaded Dead Nation the day it was released free for PS+ i got charged for it.  So i contacted customer service and they gave me a refund no problems.  So one day i go to play a game and i cant, turns out my PS+ lapsed.  "Ok, no problem," i say.  I pay for my membership and game on.  Well when i went to play Dead Nation, i couldn't.  


After several attempts to restore liscenses, i call customer service.  I am instanly told within 5 minutes that basically there's nothing i can do, and if i want that game i have to pay for it.  That particular representative wouldn't put me on with a supervisor so i call back.  I got on the line with a man named "Gus" who was very informative, took the time, did his job, and found a solution to my problem.  I am now able to play that game, again thanks to "Gus" and his customer service skills.  



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Re: Playstation Customer Service

Jun 22, 2014

Good to here you got everything worked out. I've had some issues with playstation customer service too, be extremely rude and won't give me a name so their not held liable lol.

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