Apr 14 2012
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Playstation: Breaking the creative mold in video games.

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Video Games are the most personal form of art. Thats a given. Although overtime, proving video games are a form of art has become much tougher. People would blatantly bash the gaming community and gaming itself because of inaccurate depictions of what it is to be a gamer. But through thick and thin, Playstation has consistently proved video games are art to an extent no one could reach.
In the PS1 era, Playstation bestowed upon us the gifts of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, MegaMan Legends, Crash, Spyro, Silent Hill, Metal Gear and the list goes on.
Final Fantasy VII is the game that proved to me, like most people, how personal a game could feel. Characters were relatable, even Sephiroth.

But then Came the Playstation 2. it was obviously more powerful than the PS1, and with that power came the ability to streghthen video game narrative, in many new ways too. There was a strong cinematic element to most of the PS2's best games. Shadow of the Colossus did something amazing. It used less dialogue to convey an even deeper plot. And aside from narrative, it brought into play a defining plot point that would latter be seen in one of my favorite games ever made (Heavy Rain), and that was the concept of how far you would go to save the one you love. It also brought upon moral dilemmas: The Colussi are completely innocent as far as Im concerned. When you kill one of them, the game does a good job of making you feel bad for killing something so innocent. And the gorgeous art direction is something to behold.

Aside from SotC, another really moving game in the PS2's insane library was Silent Hill 2. This game, of course, is hailed by many as the greatest survival horrow game of all time. And with good reason, too. I mean, before you even take control of James, the intro cinematic sets the stage perfectly. When you first step into Silent Hill, and the air becomes saturated with fog, you begin to feel isolated. humanity feels distant. And from here on out , you are faced with an interal conflict in James.

But then, there came the PS3, Sony's gaming behemoth. We're now at the stage where hadware has reached the point where anything is possible in video games. And the PS3 has done just that, with the help of amazing studios like 'Quantic Dream', 'Media Molecule', obviously Kojima Productions, and 'Thatgamecompany'.

If you're wondering why media molecule is there, I'll tell you: Instead of making a piece of art, they gave you the canvas and told you, "You, kind sir,are now the artist.".

And the community has done a great job in making art. A level that was drop dead gorgeous is the 'Escape From the vault" level someone made. It's a MM pick.

The point where you leave are diving, the artistry of the level look like rayman origins: crisp, clean, jaw dropping.

Of course, another amazing game is Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream dida flawless job. It's a moral-heavy game. Doing what YOU think is right, not the developers. and putting you into the eyes of 4 characters who are all in a downward spiral, and felt like real people, made it an extremely deep game. Not to mention the INSANE plot twist, which I wont spoil.

These are only a FEW examples on Sony's artistic presense in the gaming world.

Playstation has shown us all a different kind of beauty. Something not even eality can pull off lol.

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