Dec 08 2012
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Playstation 3: The life changing system

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Growing up I had Nintendo systems. My family was very short on cash all the time and worked very hard but still didn't reach ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck was a struggle and I always had the comfort of video games. When new consoles would come out we wouldn't get them for years because we couldn't afford to keep with the growth of technology and video games. It wasn't until adult hood that I was able to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the technology world. 

My dad and mom became disabled and unable to work when I was 13 and out of all 3 of us kids, I took the responsibility. It was hard adjusting from my parents working to not working at all and then pretty much taking care of myself. Being the youngest of the 3 boys, I felt it my job to do whatever I could do to take care of everything that needed to be done. My mom became very ill. She can barely walk and  barely use her right hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome that she can not afford to get fixed. 


In 2011, I had purchased my first Playstation 3 at a Gamestop with a student loan in which I shouldn't have done because it could have created a lot of trouble for me. But in this case particular I knew that I had to get it no matter the cost. I was going to have to pay the money back anyway so I was just going to think of it as a long term investment in my gaming future. 


I had immediately hooked it up and was hooked I didn't put the controller down and now thinking back to all those times I had to deal without, I finally had something that had just recently came out. The model I had actually got was the new 160gb slim PS3. I was living on my own with Ramen noodles for sustenance and my PS3 to keep me company. After the experiences and joy I had with my PS3 I decided to explore the carpal tunnel options with my mom and suggested the PS3 as her little bit of an outlet in helping her cope with her physical disabilities. 

Weeks had passed and I finally convinced her to own one providing that I made the purchase. She ripped through the box and made me set it up for her on her 49th birthday. She had been in a deep depression for a long time before hand and we always discussed how she wished that she could have given us everything we wanted. I explained to her that after the hard work and sacrifice of raising all three of us and busting her hump to prepare us for the world, it was her time to receive everything she wanted. 

My mom is now in her 50's and my Dad is as well. They BOTH enjoy the PS3 gaming systems. My mom and I both have the brand new Ultra Slims and thought we would die the two days we had to wait for them to be released. We can't live without our Playstations and we always game online and are avid Playstation Plus members. 


After hearing the way my mom used to talk and act because of her depression, then after receiving her PS3, she actually has a much better outlook on life and outside of the normal wear and tear of life on the human condition, she couldn't be happier. 


I can't explain how the PS3 gave my mom a new lease to reality and perception nor would I truly ever understand, but I do know this one simple truth, the PS3 means more to me than just its features and games. It means Hope. I hope that I will be as good of a parent that my parents were even though we never had much. A hope that I will some day be in the credits of a Playstation game, musically. Hope that even though we have to start at the bottom, that there is a way to change the future. A hope that I can always have a meaning behind my Playstation even though it might not be as deep as others but to me it reminds me that I can give back to my parents for everything they have done because next to video games, family is all we really have and if the PS3 keeps us connected then I will pay any price or buy any game to keep it together. 

As I am 20 now and went through all of the mess and fuss in the family life, video games still provided me with an escape from the world around me and really helped me to learn how to deal with things. Video games provided an outlet to me that kept me from getting into trouble and also in finding something I truly want to do for the rest of my life. Although, I want to become a music producer, I want to give back to the gaming world and provide eccentric and innovative soundtracks. 


Thank you Sony so much for everything you have done for me and my family. 

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