Aug 08 2012
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Playstation 3 Not Connecting to HDMI

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Hello all, I am using a 40Gb 'non-slim' Play Station 3, which I have had since 2008 (at least).  

I am also using an Optoma DLP HD20 Projector, connected with a TX-SR606 Onkyo AV Receiver.


I have used my playstation 3 with this set-up for the 2.5-3 years that I have had this set-up, and all of a sudden I am having a problem.  My PS3 is plugged in to an HDMI port, and when I turn it on, I get a message, "HDMI has been found, would you like to output audio/video using HDMI?"  This is weird, because I didn't change anything...but I oblige, and click yes.  So I lose my signal, expecting it to come back asking if I can see the screen, and would like to save the settings.  But I sit there for 30, 45, sometimes even 3-5 minutes, and nothing happens.  Even when I hit no, or hit yes or press buttons on the next screen, nothing works.  Does anyone have any solutions?

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Re: Playstation 3 Not Connecting to HDMI

Aug 8, 2012

Have you tried the video settings reset and reset the projector?

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