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Re: Playstation 3 Downloads Gone for Good? Screwed by Sony?

Apr 25, 2013

Phillyblunz wrote:

Its because they have sad sad lives in the real world, they never get what they want and so they take enormous pleasure in telling people they will never meet or know that something they want they also will not get, despite the fact they have no dog in the fight.


But this makes them get up in the morning, its all they have to live ofr, let them spout insults everytime they have nothing legit to state, it only shows how weak their position is and that even they know they have no valid points to bring to the table.


As soon as someone starts throwing insults as responses you know you have won the argument/conversation.


With these guys we just cant lose, and it makes them batty.   Its always the same ones, its kinda sad, but more then that its funny, LOL.


Anyway its real that Sony has to figure this out so as not to alienate a huge chunk of the 70 million users it has on PSN today, that is a lot of PSN content Sony is hoping to drop support for.


How long do you think they will keep the PS3 PSn running once PS4 launches?  Hopefully awhile.



Thank you for your well articulated response.

You have hit the heart of my concern in completion.

I will be purchasing a PS4, just not at launch. Still, I'm hoping that PSN supports PS4 for a long, long while afterward. Microsoft gave classic Xbox owners 4 years after the system was killed to play online. At that point, downloads and everything else they paid for was lost. I would like to have at least 10 years after the PS3 is discontinued to enjoy my downloads. By that point, the PS5 should be out and the PS6 on the way, making PS4 way-retro.

PS1 Classics, Minis, PSP, and Vita titles are more flexible in compatibility, so I would assume those are transferrable to PS4 and forward. I'm not sure about PS2 Classics. While I haven't purchased any, I would like those transferrable as well.


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If you have to resort to demagaugery or personal attacks, you have already lost the argument.
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Re: Playstation 3 Downloads Gone for Good? Screwed by Sony?

Apr 25, 2013

I wish Sony can find some way using Gaikai to make out PSN games work. I read that a lot of people stopped buying from the PSN store after hearing the PS4 won't allow them to transfer their games on there. I don't blame them...I am glad I did not buy a whole lot from the PSN store or I would have been annoyed...

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Re: Playstation 3 Downloads Gone for Good? Screwed by Sony?

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Apr 25, 2013


kythunder wrote:

faraway25 wrote:

Not being backwards compatiable means exactly that. Just because games are downloadable doesn't mean that they will work on any hardware. The games aren't working on PS4 because it's not backwards compatiable not because Sony is killing the support. With that said I'm upset over this too. When a new console comes out I always sell off my old stuff to make the transistion easier and I'm sure plenty people do that too and I think it encourages earlier adapaters when they do this.


But with that said, it's not really Sony job to make sure you're able to resale games. If anything everyone from the industry has been trying to stop it. Your PSN purchases isn't a waste a money, you got a game you played just like the disc based ones you won't be able to play on PS4 either. Lucky for me though I had enough foresight to not buy into the Download option. There were too many negatives against it and not many positives. So I won't be losing much. 


Live and learn.

why sell?  as long as the ps store is up and running as it will be with the ps4 the ps3 will still be supported and see no reason why they would change that,they are still selling ps3's and will for several more years and the will have support through the store even after the discontinuation of the ps3...SONY like to make money and it's funny people think the ps4 just means it's the end of the ps3..


i guess most gamers thought process is so limited they are not able to see the whole picture and i feel sorry for the ones this applies

Why sell? Teehee, lol hehehehe. If you're done being a little girl, let me ask you this; Why ask if you're just going to assume you know the answer and pretend you're smarter than me?


I'm not selling because I don't think it will be supported, the PS2 was supported well into the PS3 life cycle. I will be selling it because my PS3 will become obsolete to me if I get a PS4 and I don't keep more than one console. That's what works best for me and my lifestyle. I also prefer to get rid of my system and games when I can still get enough money off of them to lessen the price of the next gaming system a great deal. So that's why I sell teehee!!!


So the choice for me will be selling my PS3 and getting a PS4 or keeping my PS3 and not getting a PS4 for a while. You can buy as many system as you want just don't assume what you do works best for everyone else.

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