Apr 27 2014
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Playroom streaming is cool. Why complain?

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It seems people like to complain about the Playroom streaming feature, saying there's everything from sex to drugs, and whatever in between.  I have never seen any of those things going on, though I'm not saying they don't by any means.  But, whenever I go to watch a stream, there is always a screenshot on the selection screen, so before I even watch anything, I know if I'm about to see gameplay footage, or someone that's broadcasting themselves.  Which, if the screenshot shows what looks like someone sitting in their living room or something, you obviously know they could do anything, whether they just talk about games, or pull their pants down and start drinking liquor.


Wouldn't common sense tell you that if you click the screenshot of what looks like someone sitting in their living room broadcasting live, it's a complete stranger, so you don't know what they're going to do, how they'll act, etc.?


The ability to broadcast live is really the only thing seperating it from Youtube, which keeps it from being censored, or removed, but really, when you search for something on Youtube, you search for what you want to see.  If you want to see Battlefield 4 footage, you don't search for "stanger sitting in their living room."  If you search for "stranger sitting in their living room," and click a stranger's video, you run the risk of seeing something you don't like.  How do you have something broadcast live, and ensure it's G-rated?


Just want to see what other people think, because it seems like there are quite a few posts complaining about this.  As I mentioned, I have no doubt these things have occurred before, I just haven't personally seen them.  And, as mentioned, I think it's a really cool feature, plus I think censorship sucks.  I think common sense says anything that hasn't been previously screened by a group of people with their own idea of what's "appropriate," there's a risk you'll see something you don't like.  I also think common sense says if you can't risk a half second glimpse of someone drinking, or having sex, or whatever other traumatizing thing people are experiencing, then just don't click on any stream that doesn't show actual gameplay footage (or, if you think it shouldn't exist at all, just avoid the feature altogether!)


What does everyone else think?  Is this a bad feature?  Should it be censored in some way?  Some traumatized viewers maybe lacking common sense?  Lack of parental controls, or should there be parental controls (I don't know if there's any or not?)  Should there be a safe-search seminar on the moon?


Obviously, there will be people that disagree with me.  That's fine, let us all know what you think and why.

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Re: Playroom streaming is cool. Why complain?

Apr 27, 2014

People enjoy streaming on it, I personally haven't seen anything like that on there, but  for those who actually enjoy it, why removes it. It's not harming anyone, simply if you don't want to watch it, don't. 

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Re: Playroom streaming is cool. Why complain?

Apr 27, 2014

Welcome to the forums.


There are indeed parental controls for the system.


oft times parents dont use them. 


I think it's fun to watch every now and then. It does have a certain shame that goes along with watching some of the channels, but a kid can find much worse stuff with google. 


I think it's a new age with new questions.

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Re: Playroom streaming is cool. Why complain?

Apr 27, 2014

The best way to mix video games and porn on one screen at once.

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Re: Playroom streaming is cool. Why complain?

Apr 27, 2014

I've rearly watch the playroom streams, and I think I've only seen a person butt on it once.  The funny thing during the stream the people were looking to get band, and was being outragious.  Now I completely have the option to log out and not watch it.  Shoot I even have the option to completely block out playroom from being accessable.  Everyone has there right to complain, but seriouly if you don't want to see it why are you chooseing to watch it.  If you don't want anyone in the house hold seeing it, then google how to block the containt.  The only thing complainging going to do.  Is bring out more complaining, and a forum war.

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