Sep 11 2012
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PlayStation is MY Way of Gaming

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Sony. Of the three brands in the gaming industry, I bequeath my allegiance unto you. When I was seven, I got my first console, the Gamecube. It didn't really forge many memories, it just bided my time with a lttle fun on the weekends. In a year or two, I swapped for The PlayStation 2. In my childhood, I had endless days with an old gaming legend, namely, Sly Cooper. Sometimes, my friend came over, and we had amazing times figjting each other playing WWE games 2 player. He even brought over several of his PS2 games, this wouldn't of been possible if I stayed with the Gamecube.

 One Christmas, we picked up Guitar Hero III, one of the best in the franchise. Long days were spent where me and my sister would trade off until our hands couldn't take it anymore. Even today, I link many a song to that game, not living in the era in which they were made. My first years in gaming were defined by nostalgia-filled PS2 games.

In 2010, though, the controller slots in my PlayStation 2 went whack, so my mother got me a Wii. It lasted good time, until I got to the point where, I just wouldnt have anything to play (even thogh I had 12 games) i felt I wasn't fully into the new wave of console games I was seeing pass through the monthly GameInformer. 

Christmas 2011. When I got my PlayStation 3, and all the glory that comes with it. I now have experienced the vast expanses that of Skyrim, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, and Portal 2. A new level of fun I have never experienced before. Soon I will get blockbusters such as Uncharted, and Batman: Arkham City.

I have entered my next phase in gaming.

Long. Live. PlayStation.
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