Nov 21 2012
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PlayStation Story

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I was up late at night playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Someone started banging on my door at 1am. He said your apartment is on fire. I was hesitant because of the late hour but as I opened the front door I saw the flames reflecting off the parking lot blacktop. I then ran into my bedroom work up my girlfriend and told her the apartment complex is on fire. She then gathered our things and I ran from apartment to apartment waking up everyone to make sure everyone was awake and made aware of the situation. Everyone made it out of the apartment before the entire complex when up in flames. If a neighbor from the apartment complex did not see me up playing PlayStation 3 I might not be here today. Our complex was completely destroyed. We were in he second level of the apartment complex out neighbor saw me awake because of the big sliding deck doors and the shades were open. We were allowed in our apartment several months later to only enter out living room and the dining room. They had to make sure it was structurally safe for us to he inside. We lost everything, and how long it took us to renter the partner everything we could have safes was moldy or burnt. But, hidden behind my 42 inch melted Vizio tv was my still in perfect condition my pS3. I could not believe it. The console that might have saved my life was still standing. Us in disbelief I take it I my girlfriends family house whee we had been stating since the fire. The Ps3 still worked. My girlfriends family could not believe it. Tears ran down both of our faces because we both knew it was done kind if miracle. Still to this day my smokey black ps3 is going strong. So Sony from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I will attach the YouTube video of the fire. We are the apartment on the second floor on the left side of the stairwell. Below the burning bicycle on the porch. We lost everything that night and we had no renters insurance. Everything since then has been amazing. Thanks for listening.
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