Jun 09 2012
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PlayStation Plus gets families closer!

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By now, every PlayStation fan around the world has heard great words about the PlayStation Plus program, which gives (for less than 5$ a month) many great free games and discounts (and even some free dynamic themes and avatars for their PSN profiles) to its members each month.

As you all know, Sony announced during their press conference at E3 that the PS+ program is now amplified. With their first update, they gave us a great selection of 12 awesome games, both retail games and PSN titles. Even if I already had most of the games from retail, I'm very happy with what was given because now, thanks to Sony and the PlayStation Plus program, I can spend much more time playing PS3 with my brother.

Many developpers don't seem to understand that us, gamers, still need local multiplayer, which seems to become really rare in recent games. The only solution left for brothers who want to play together is buying 2 PS3 and 2 copies of the same game, which is sometimes impossible for financial reasons (and some parents won't spend money twice for the same product). Since my brother already have his own PS3, we can now play the retail games that were given through the PS+ program together (I use the digital copy and my brother can use my game disc in his PS3).

I can really say that PlayStation Plus really does everything: even allowing brothers to spend some great gaming time together. Which games do you love playing the most with your relatives (or friends)? I personally LOVED playing Borderlands with my brother, give it a try if you haven't played it yet, you won't regret it!

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Re: PlayStation Plus gets families closer!

Jun 10, 2012

definitely agree! i got ratchet and clank all 4 one and my brother and i played that for hours as soon as i downloaded it. it was like when we were kids playing the original playstation and my parents would take us to blockbuster on the weekend and we would rush home to pop it in and play it all weekend.

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