Feb 25 2011
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PlayStation Network Trophies/Game History

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The PlayStation Network has made some great strides over the past few years since the consoles release and we've seen some really good stuff. Eric Lempell has cranked out a lot of great Apps to add to PSN's arsenal and its a given that he, nor Sony will stop anytime soon. However, the PlayStation Network still isn't perfect and many of us are screaming aloud and still haven't been heard. The strengths of the PlayStation Network definitely outweigh its weakness' but, I'm still coming across problems that it still feels could be done. Perhaps its just the OCD in me, but its still a bother. Does anyone how to contact the right people at Sony to be heard? These Forums don't seem to be working.

Yeah, we're still all waiting for XGame-Chat but... What about the housekeeping the PlayStation Network and my game console? Have you ever had to upgrade your HDD or maybe your HDD crashed on you, your HDD was filled to capacity, you had to delete things to clear up space and then you wanted to go back and play the game, but all your data was missing along with the DLC? So what happened? You had to go back into your account and scroll through a HUGE list of old stuff to downloaded the content again?

I'm a huge demo downloader! I want to play all the demos before I purchase the game to make a final decision. The problem is, here now, I've had my PS3 for three or four years, I've upgraded the HDD several times that means that getting all my stuff back means I have to go through the store again and scroll through all that stuff to get what I want and re-download. But, the list is getting rediculously long and its getting MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to find the content that I really need. Does anyone know, or can Sony tell me if there's a way to clean out the junk I don't want anymore and keep the downloadable games and DLC that I want? Its a cluttered mess and I'm growing tired of having to go through it to get what I want.

Secondly is the trophy system. I LOVE IT! I wish they'd integrate it into Home as they said they would but, that's not a big deal. What is a big deal, is that I've got a mess a crap on my trophies list. There are games I'd rented to try out (similarly to demoes) or recently, I became a PlayStation Plus member and downloaded Borderlands for the fun of it. The problem is, I got a trophy and I grew tired of the game and deleted it and now I'm stuck with the trophies and I didn't intend to buy the full version. I'd LOVE the option to go through and delete the trophies for games that I don't want. I don't want to get a mess of trophies to have a mess of trophies. I want to have trophies that are meaningful to games I want that I want to show off to friends. Not have them go into their trophy comparisson and look through my games and be like, "Hey, you only have 2% for this game. Why don't you finish the game. Do you want help?" The answer is "No. I didn't like the game but now I'm stuck with the trophies list for it.

I think this adds more organization to the PSN and makes things easier to access and manage. The competition has made it possible with games with a SCORE of 0 can be eliminated from the list of games. But, I'd like to get rid of games PERIOD that I don't want on my list.

XGame Chat we're still waiting for and I can understand where that's coming from. It obviously requires a lot of game developers and costs some money to do and developers don't want to cooperate because they're not getting paid, they don't want to do it. Still, I'd appreciate the above favors.

Thanks for making PlayStation Network a great experience! Its excellent, but there are still a few features that could make EXTREME!

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